Back yard date night with this “hunk” as my grandmother would say. 

It’s interesting how early in a relationship we consider any time spent together as a “date”. Although as the relationship ages, external forces start taking their toll and we return our focus to the outside world, time together is less valued and less meaningful.

The key to a successful marriage/partnership is never forgetting to “date” your spouse/partner.

What this really means is having the ability to reframe and refocus your perspective towards enjoying all the many in between moments as “dates” with your spouse/partner.

I’m not saying everything is a date. I’m saying that in small moments or even just a few hours spent together you can find connection and oneness.

This has been the number one thing that has held my relationship/marriage together over the past 15 years.

NOT gifts, NOT fancy restaurant dinners, NOT vacations!

Just meaningful connected moments doing things together that join your life’s purpose.