Today, I had to go to the DMV!! 😭

I know you guys can relate to how excited I was about this necessary errand…😫.

Why don’t we enjoy going to the DMV or any government office?

Well for me, it’s because it is such a reminder of what it felt like when I felt stuck! You know, that feeling when you get up and you go through the motions, but you’re not really alive inside. The facial expressions, the lack of enthusiasm or just plain energy in the tone of voice, the sloth like pace, because “hey, I get paid no matter what.” Remember “Flash” the sloth from the Disney film Zootopia , it’s no mystery how they came up with that idea!! Right?!? 🤦🏼‍♀️

Here’s the truth of the matter, I had to go to the DMV because I messed up!! There I said it!! Yes, I’m taking 💯 percent personal responsibility! 💁🏼‍♀️

I didn’t update my address and when I went to renew my expired drivers license they mailed it to an address I had 3 addresses ago!! So 2 months after the new license didn’t arrive I started calling and asking questions. Yes, I was on hold for 30 minutes before my “Flash” finally answered and basically provided me with no information just gave me another number to call, which no one EVER answered!! 😣

So, yes today I had to drive into Sacramento and physically walk into the humongous official branch of the DMV to complete my ongoing quest to get my renewed license.

To my complete and utter surprise I was met by a man named Steve, who very genuinely took an interest in my problem. (I didn’t even have to go father than the reception desk upon entering building) Steve immediately took action to see what he could do to resolve the matter for me. GUYS!! What?!? 😳

Steve had genuine enthusiasm, a warm and welcoming disposition, and while I couldn’t see his smile because we were both wearing masks I knew he was smiling underneath when he was ultimately able to assist me. I literally walked into the building and STEVE was my “spirit” guide to the inner working of the DMV!! I was there less than 15 minutes. It’s taken me longer to write this post!! 🤗

Steve was able to get all my concerns addressed, handed me a paper temporary license until my new one arrives, and he did it all with genuine passion and energy for serving the people! 🙌🏼

Steve was unable to take a picture with me so I could include it in this post (apparently state employees can’t do that 😕) but like a humble servant he directed me directly to the DMV website and to their social media page so I could write a positive review for the DMV. I may do that. 🤪

Steve made my day! In a world that currently feels like it is full of so much animosity, fear, and disconnection, I wanted to share this story because the world will be framed through the lense you CHOOSE to see it through. There are so many people just like Steve out there making a difference through genuine compassion, kindness, and humble servitude towards their human brothers and sisters.

CHOOSE to recognize and see those people!

CHOOSE to intentionally look for those people!

CHOOSE to be that person!!

Thank you Steve for choosing to be a light in this darkness. ✨

Much love and light to you all!

Jessica ✌🏼