live a life you love


The Maxx Co. was inspired out of the desire to move people from a life of default to a life of design. We know what it’s like to be on autopilot and forget to experience life with purpose, passion, and intention. In a world that is designed for distraction and where technology is front and center, our minds have become cluttered and disorganized. Ultimately, leading to those negative emotions that no one wants to feel. At The Maxx Co. we strive to give you tools to live your best life, as your most exceptional self.  We believe that a well-integrated life is possible however, it can only be achieved through intentional living. Intention is a word that means A LOT to us. In order to help others, begin their journey of living a more intentional life we started to do so ourselves.

Five years ago, we (and by “we” I mean my husband Chris and I) really began to consider what our life could be like if we began to live intentionally. We immersed ourselves in personal growth and development in an attempt to satiate our renewed love of learning all the things that could potentially lead to a more satisfying and meaningful life. In my background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and his background in Computer Engineering and Information Technology we already had a formal education. We discovered that at NO time during our formalized education did we learn the philosophies, skills, and tangible ideas that we were being exposed to in our pursuits of self-education. We studied and researched best practices in psychology, productivity, habit formation, neuroscience, physical and emotional health and spiritual growth, in order to better understand a system for living a more fulfilled life.

It’s been five years since we began that journey and neither of us show signs of wanting to slow down. In our quest to design a life we love; we made some dramatic moves. We began by downsizing our life. We sold just about everything, including our home, car, and anything that wouldn’t fit into our 33-foot-long travel trailer that became our new tiny home. As Native East Coaster’s (I’m from NY, he’s from ME) we decided we had had enough of the northeast weather. We set our sights on sunny California. Our son (who was 4 at the time) and our cat Maxx (who was 18 at the time) in tow.

We traveled across the country for 28 days on an adventure of a lifetime. We have so many stories to share with you and I can’t wait for you to hear them all, I promise to get to them soon. For now, what you need to know is that while every single step was exceptionally exciting (and by exceptionally exciting I mean totally and completely anxiety ridden) it was a crash course in managing change and all the things that come with it (adversity, fear, anxiety, and universal opposition from the forces that be).

Since arriving in California in 2015, we have worked to build a life of design. My husband, Chris has his dream job (well as dreamy as any job can be when you work for someone else) and I too have set out into my lifelong desire of being an entrepreneur. When I am not running The Maxx Co. I am providing psychotherapy and life coaching services to the valuable members of my community.  I find great pleasure and passion in providing others with tangible solutions to design and live a life they love.

It is my greatest desire that you find Maxx, the first of many tools to be created by The Maxx Co. as useful and life changing as we have.  We have incorporated concrete instruction and relevant content rooted in positive psychology, neuroscience, and new physics which all align to synergistically move you towards a life of design, however you define it.  

My hope with Maxx is that it will give you the inspiration to get started, develop the motivation to keep going, and the system to maintain lasting progress, set aside your stress and challenges, to begin living a life you love. It is possible to love your life, right now, just as things are, when you begin to adopt a philosophy based on intentional living – and Maxx guides the way.

XOXO – Jessica and Chris Smith

Founders of THE MAXX CO.